Production, recycling and repair of machines for the tobacco industry.

Engineering services

Preparation of documentation and 3D models of parts and assemblies in accordance with the requirements of the customer

Spare parts and assemblies

Production, recycling and repair of spare parts and assemblies for the tobacco industry.

Non-standard equipment

Production of non-standard /single units or small series/ in accordance with documentation of the customer or designed by us.

Why to choose us ?

We have the tools

The company has its own production base equipped with highly technological metalworking machines

More than 50 years of experience

The company is an heir of the former factory for spare parts to Yuriy Gagarin AD, established in 1964

Guaranteed quality

The company has strict quality control and high production standards

Competitive prices

The company makes every effort to provide the best possible prices for its products.

Big and competent team

The company has a large and competent team with constantly developing qualifications

A lot of pleased customers

The company is proud with the great number of satisfied customers we have in Bulgaria and  Europe